Women should serve Men.

Now, the argument is not a feminist one, but moral and ethical. There is a spree of feminism and equality all around, but one needs to understand that women and men are not and can never be equal to each other.

Men are actually the blueprints and women are the final finer creation, a reflection of the Almighty, a single seed from which all the trees sprout. Ever thought of that ?

Women are made not for the purpose of serving men in terms of chores and slavery, physical or mental, but they were made to serve men a higher purpose in life. They were made as flowers which bloom in a garden and add beauty to it. Now the flower takes no credit but the gardener does, similarly, women are denied of credit for their service.

It is only a very simple phenomenon and should not be taken in terms of a challenge to prove anything in this world. Because women can still prove their worth if they want, but Men have got nothing…nothing at all !!!

Except for this one line that says –

“Women must serve Men.”

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