Who is the bigger God ?

Has anyone of you ever wondered what God might actually look like ? Is he even there or not ? What kind of an entity God is ? Does he really listen to us ? etc. etc. etc.

There comes a thousand thoughts when we think about anything related to God. But you know what ? God really gives no heed at all. The reason behind that is because we all think we do not need him and he will function according to our own wish and will. Really !!! How cool of you to think that way !!!

God is not out there taking orders from faggots like us. Instead he has his own plans. He has his own plans to make us,break us, fuse us together and tear us apart. But all we focus on in today’s time, is how to accelerate God’s plan of breaking up each other. That is absolutely not our job. Our job is to just hope for the best times to come. But do we really do that ??? NO !

We just have our own ideas, our own assumptions, our own methods and we just find our own ways to become bigger than his plans. We kill people mercilessly, we fight on the grounds on religion, color, nationality and what not. Is this how he wanted us to be ? Is this why he outcast his most favorite angel so that we cut ourselves one day ?

This piece of my writing is not for any moral teaching but it is just a wake up call for those who think or for those who make others think that they are bigger than God. For those who think they are able to fulfill God’s wish. Just take a moment, and contemplate. I leave it here to your fine senses.

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