Mental Wellness

How do we live ?

This is an image of an anonymous boy taken from the internet while I was scrolling for Earth Day images. And suddenly, this image appeared and the whole concept of Earth Day just vanished from my mind and my focus shifted on this one image.

My whole aura, my mind and my entire soul energy urged me to first address this image and this child. Who are these children ? Where do they live ? Where have the come from ? Aren’t they equally deserving of the pleasures that we seek ? Shouldn’t they be privileged enough to get at least clean water to drink when Earth is one-third water ? There are hundreds of questions arising from this one single image…Imagine how about if we really come across these children and people daily ? Wouldn’t our conscience be shaken a bit ? Well…mine would be…and it is. This is the reason that I am writing on this off-topic today.

In India, whenever I come across a street-beggar, I give hardly a 10 rupee note. But what difference does that make ? Even my cigarettes are costlier than that. And I am pretty much sure that is something we all do saying that “they are getting enough benefits from the government already.”

My question is where are those benefits ? Who would want to live like this if they can avail benefits ? Benefits are there for sure, but are they reaching the right masses ? If yes, then why so much helplessness and poverty around ? Are we donating the right way ? Or are we donating just to get a rebate or a photograph clicked ?

When will we wake up and stand in unison for humans all around ? The purpose of my blog is to make people realise that WE ARE ALL HUMANS and WE ALL COULD BE THAT CHILD. What would we feel like then ? Think and then donate..!!!

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