The Matriarchy Begins

P.C. – Youtube.com

The image is very well known to most of us. For those who do not know, its a character from a famous series – Money Heist.
She was one of my favourite characters just because of the one dialogue she said “The Matriarchy Begins.”
What exactly is “matriarchy” ? Matriarchy basically means a system or society ruled by women. Can this happen in reality ? YES.
It has happened before (Queens of England), it is happening now (in most households) and it will continue to happen in future. Women-rule or Matriarchy is one of the best ways to avoid wars, bloodshed, and unnecessary expenditure on armed forces. But then again comes the statement that not all women are powerful enough.
Well, this article is intended to apply that hidden volcano of power and wisdom inside every woman. All of us have this extremely special gift from nature that we can GIVE BIRTH to humankind. Without us, the lands would be barren, trees would have no birds anymore and there will be no army left to fight with neighbouring countries. No “so-called geniuses” to make missiles and nuclear weapons.
Why is it so then, that we ourselves as WOMEN do not understand our worth ? Why do we give a chance to the society to oppress us in the name of religion or whatsoever ? Why don’t we as WOMEN never stand up for each other ?
We want the society to wake up from its blindness and evils, but what about us ? When will we wake up ? because the moment we rise, the world rises with us because remember WE GIVE BIRTH TO HUMANKIND.
The way we are today, the same way our daughters will be tomorrow and this is a chain-reaction.
People are preparing women for the “new society”, but who will prepare the society for these “new women”?
Ever since, we have been crushed and trampled under the name of religion, sometimes obligations, sometimes rights, sometimes shame and the funniest part is, that they reveal our own body parts to shame us !!!
Why should we be ashamed of the mention of the word “PERIODS” or “MONTHLY CYCLES” or words like “BREAST-FEEDING” ?
Is it something that these men are capable of doing ?
I feel happy that there are still women who have risen above these differences and headed upwards, but what about the rest of us ?
If you read this blog, make sure there is some change developed in you after reading this. Otherwise, consider it as just another piece of writing by a “struggling, maniac, oppressed and helpless woman who can just talk but do nothing.”

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