Mother – The Shade of God.

Each and every day of her life becomes dedicated to us…so this Mother’s Day, I want to show my Mother through this blog – “Mom I owe you a lot. I know you won’t even ask for it, but I’ll never be able to repay your debts.” This post is an image story of how our mothers bring us up from “our day 1 till her day 100.

A Mother’s Womb – Safest place on Earth.

Why do we call nature as “mother Nature”? May be because nature has intentionally made women as important as nature because just like tree-roots give birth to strong and tall trees, it’s a MOTHER who in the past, present and future has and will keep giving birth to the HUMAN-RACE.

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A Mother’s Arms – Best hiding place on Earth.

Whenever we smile, we may or may not remember her, but whenever we are in agony, all we need is a mother’s arms to wrap us around. When we have our first food in this world, Mother opens her arms and breastfeeds us. When we do not sleep at night and keep crying, Mothers open her arms and carry us. When we are sad for the first time, she opens her arms and hugs us. When we learn playing for the first time, she opens her arms and plays with us and clean our toys. And when we are stranded, we go to our mother’s arms to seek rest and relief.

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A Mother’s Advice – Best guidance in the World.
Sometimes, we may/may not listen to or take our mother’s advises seriously. But remember, she’s a woman. And a woman always has a hidden agenda. In this case, our mother’s hidden agendas are only to protect us from being exploited by anyone. The happiest times are those when as you grow up, the simpler solutions she gives. Like for eg. Glass Broken ? “No issues honey, it’s a good omen.”

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A Mother’s Copy-cat – Best fashion in the World.

Her intentions, her ways, her elegance, her duties are so simple yet so complicated. I still wonder how do Moms manage to keep us away from any harms without even letting us feel so..!!! And in addition to that, for the best fashion tips, you can always go to your mother. She can always tell which tie colour suits you, or which heels look perfect with the prom-night gown.

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Departure .. !!!

I am sorry to all the readers that I won’t be able to write much on this last image. Would just like to end by saying – ” Give your heart to your mother, she’s the only one who won’t break it.”

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By Samina Wagla

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