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Corona – Sharing is not Caring !

I wish I’d be discussing this Corona right now, but unfortunately, we are dealing with a different CORONA now-a-days. Since childhood, we’ve been taught “sharing is caring”. But how ironic is this that now, Sharing is not Caring anymore, rather it is KILLING. Social-gathering is not the talk anymore, Social-Distancing is the key. We are supposed to become internet robots. Order online, buy online, marry online, date online, learn online … do everything “Online”. I think… this is what we were doing before Corona hit us… then why all this ruckus and hustle of opening up the lock-down and getting frustrated with the house arrest and all ? People wanted things done online right ? So do it now..!!! You didn’t want to go to market to buy anything, you ordered online – DO IT NOW. You dated through online apps and married through matrimonial apps right ? SO, DO IT NOW. You wanted nature to heal itself, but didn’t want to change your ways right ? SO, BE IT THEN.

All my words, if seemed offensive, then I apologise to all the readers. But just think about it once..!!! Have we followed the early precautions that were required to be followed strictly so as to control this pandemic ? We all wanted to go out, meet friends, go up to bars and dance when we all knew that “MORE THE CROWD, MORE THE CORONA.” But we did not follow it properly. Even when all the facilities were provided by the government of respective countries, we still engaged in panic buying and accumulating crowd. Understand, just putting on a mask won’t help unless we decide to distant ourselves from the crowds and start supporting the government to curb this depressive pandemic. It is a humble request, kindly come back to Earth and do not be in your fairy-land thinking that this will all be over because “Government and Doctors are there.” YES, they are our SAVIOURS today, but some day or other, we have to learn to live with Corona. We have to learn to be self-reliant. We have to learn to acknowledge NATURE and it’s wrath. Think about it !!!

  • By Samina Wagla.

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