The Era of Pink.

P.C. – Insiya Wagla.

Courtesy – https://instagram.com/_makeupbyinsiya_?igshid=akajpoc0bz1e

This video is posted by my sister -Insiya. When I asked her why she is so much into make-up, she replied “Because that’s what I’m best at honey.”

I heard this and wondered, what all things women are actually best at ? But then, now is the time when men are on the ground proving to the society that “They aren’t any lesser than Women.” !!!!!

How hilarious does this sound ??? But it’s actually true. We used to do makeup , but now, men are rather more effective in doing that. We used to have PMS since God knows when, but now they are becoming all activists and supportive about that, we used to cook before , but now, there are plenty of male-chefs.

So, the point is that time changes within a blink of an eye. Once there was an era when women were underrated and society used to look down on them as merely “Machines made for doing house-chores.” But now, no one is lower than anyone.

So, time has come when all of us together should eradicate the remaining disparities between us and be ONE i.e. BEING HUMANS. There will also come a time when the differences between certain high powered and certain low-powered nations and races will also degenerate. We should Learn from PAST and remember that “Times and Era change in the blink of an eye. What is a century for us, is a second for the higher Universe.”

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