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The Curse of being the Sun.

P.C. –

Sometimes, I feel that I need to be the centre of the Universe. I feel as if everyone should revolve around me. My dad, my mom, my sister , my husband everyone should just revolve around me.

But even if that happens, is this what we really want ? YES..!!!

This is exactly what we want.

This is exactly what I want..!!! But it can’t happen, can it ?

NO !!!!!

And I feel it’s good if you’re not the centre of everything and everyone.

Because just like SUN is the centre of our Solar system, but how often do we acknowledge SUN ? Rather, the Sun has the responsibility of lighting up all the planets… And in that process, it often gets abused also because of providing either extra heat (like in summer) or no heat (like in winters). 

So, that’s the whole point… being the centre of everything sometimes ruins your inner-self. You have more responsibilities rather than acknowledgment…

That’s what I’ve experienced over the time. So I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot be important to everyone all the time and it’s okay. At least I’m not blamed for anything wrong that happens.

Don’t be like the Sun, be like STARS. They are everywhere seen and acknowledged as beautiful and soothing, but we don’t curse them for being too bright or too dull. Do we ???

Think about it !!!

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