A Broken Heart Healed.

P.C. – Tiny Buddha.

This is my story. The girl in the image, slowly fading away from the clutches of her lover, “IS ME”.

This one goes years back when I was 18 and I fell in love with this most charming guy around. Sometimes, we just cannot differentiate between love and a mere attraction or what in scientific terms we call “Infatuation”. May be that was love, may be was something else, I don’t know. And I don’t even want to go in that historical mathematics of knowing and analysing because I do not want to scratch my old wounds.

But, it was after a long struggle and longing and begging for love, that finally 5 years later, I decided to step away. No one except God, can know the agony of separation you feel when you take such a step. But such steps are necessary to find your own self. What you really want was never that important before, but “it is now“.

It was drastically difficult for me to pull myself together and I did that all alone without any help or consolation from my well-wishers and even my friends. But in the process of pulling yourself together, the first thing you lose, is INTEREST. Interest from everything and everyone. I stayed aloof for quite a long period of time and then I decided to finish my studies first (which I had left because of my LOVE) and then grab on to a job.

It was when I started meeting new people that I thought may be there is more lying ahead of me. There used to be constant urge of seeing him somewhere randomly so I used to go all those places where he used to take me before, but he was nowhere to be found. It was like, he had just disappeared. My broken heart and my poor mind, used to pat my back and ask me to keep moving on.

Now, it’s been 5 more years after that, I have still not heard from him, not seen him. I got married but I have no clue where he is. And gradually, because of the love I received from my husband, the values and meanings of love changed for me. He showcased how actually someone can love. I could literally, feel my broken pieces of heart coming back fusing together. Never have I ever had the urge of seeing him again or knowing his whereabouts. I just stopped looking for him even in my wildest dreams. He just got erased, I still do not know how, but he just got erased. And I am not even feeling 0.000001% guilt while writing this.

So, basically, what’s important after a heart-break is how you pull yourself together again. Fuse you broken pieces. Sometimes, some temporary addictions might help, but they are not your “replacements” either. Your one and only hope while coping up with a heart break is – “YOUR BRAIN”. Your brain is the key. It holds all the powers.

I trained my brain in such a way, that even if I hadn’t had my job or my husband or my family with me, I’d still be fine.

YES, It takes hell lot of time, but you still have to do it anyway because it’s your life and only you can decide how you want to spend it.

You want to waste it by crying for him for year ? Still, he won’t come back.

You want to get addicted to forget him ? Still, he won’t come back.

You wanna find a rebound ? Still, he won’t come back…!!!!!

So, simply, just decide upon what leads you, your present self or your past mistakes ? And once you decide that, you’ll understand that “bygones are bygones”. Nothing can bring those times, those laughter, those moments back. And to hell with them, who even wants them back ??? We are reading this because we do not want them back.

Think about your life and no one else’s. Your family, your parents, your friends, your job all come secondary, first you have to decide what you want out of your life. Crying over a human with whom you ended up like this, or moving ahead with a better human being ?

Decide for yourself..!!!

4 thoughts on “A Broken Heart Healed.

  1. Its just so awesome! Really loved it.
    I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your thoughts put to paper. Bravo!!
    Keep up the great work..


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