The Understanding of False Feminism.

How does a normal person define Feminism ? 

Well, I leave the answer to your fine senses of understanding.

But according to me, Feminism is something that means – Women standing up for Women. Like a “Democracy – of women for women Always”

But the gist of understanding Feminism to the core comes when you actually understand and contemplate upon it’s true meaning !

You arrest a molester – Justice.

You beat a molester – Crime.

You save someone from being molested – Feminism.

If you are able to understand the difference between these three points, then you can understand Feminism too…!!!

But, if you fail to understand this, then you’re not showing Feminism, you are showing a biased mindset.

That’s my view on Feminism.

P.C. – google.com

It can differ from person to person..!!!

But what I feel, being a Woman is that when you stand up against anything wrong happening to anyone (male/female) that’s when you show your true Feminism.

It’s just like I’m a Woman and I’ve the guts to stand up against any injustice , then I’m eligible to be called as a Feminist. 

Feminists should not only support Women in particular, but should also support all of those who are facing any kind of injustice in the society. 

So when you, being a Woman , have the guts to speak up against wrong, then you’re a Feminist. 

Blindly supporting Women and disempowering Men for the sake of the “Feminism Flag” is not truly a Feminist attribute. 

Think about it !!!

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