Depth of Mind v/s Depth of Heart.

There are times in your life, in everyone’s lives, when you cannot measure the fathoms of your mind or your heart. 

Your Heart wants someone, your brain says NO.

Your Brain wants something, your heart says NO.

How do you deal with your conscience in such a situation ???

I myself have not figured a way out…

But if you have a way out, then who do you prefer listening to ?

This is a perpetual conflict going on in every human being in every part of the world.

Especially those who fall in and out of Love.

I’ve been in love, I’ve been out of love, but my psyche still couldn’t produce a damning evidence of what is right or wrong.

My heart is a joke 

My brain is a bigger joke. 

Playing with me,

Like people playing with people.

So where do I go ? Who do I choose ? 

Who should I stay loyal to ??? I have NO answer…

This is an open-ended statement, an open-ended dilemma with no confirmed result. 

When will this be solved ? 

I solved it by listening to my BRAIN every time…

I regret… sometimes, I still regret..!!!

But where will this regression take me ? Ending up in the same swamp everytime…

But there is one thing I can assure you…

Your HEART will never give you a pleasant life.

Your brain might… 

If you have the guts to gamble, go for it !!!

I don’t !!! 

So I choose my BRAIN…

Rest, you can think and decide for yourself.

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