Food For Soul

Have you ever had Guilt ? 

What on Earth is Guilt Conscious ? 

If I am doing something my Heart wants , then why should I feel guilty about it ? 

And if I’m doing something which may damage anyone, that is when I should feel guilty ? 

But what I really feel is, whether you do it for yourself without damaging anyone or you do it just thinking of yourself, the pain is that in that process, you hurt at least 1 person. 

So what should I do ? 

Should I stop listening to the Guilt Conscious? Or should I stop doing stuff my heart really wants to do ?

Because you can’t do both at the same time. 

So either you stop thinking, or you stop doing ! 

Because we can never ever do anything right for ourselves without damaging anyone. 

Think about it deeply !!! 

That’s the agony in our hearts ! More than half of things that we love, we end up leaving because of Guilt Consciousness. 

So you decide, Guilt or Following the Heart ?

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