Truth demands Courage.

PC – Samina Wagla.

Speaking truth or confessing truth requires just one thing – COURAGE.

Courage is the one thing which most of us lack and that’s when we either resort to not telling the truth or hiding it or confessing just half of it which would not harm us much..!!!

Am I right ? 

Of course I am right. 

And if you feel I’m wrong, then you’re blind. You don’t have that COURAGE I’m talking about to even confess this fact to yourself.

Some people come and say, “ You lied before, you’re telling this now after 5-6 months..!!! You should’ve told me then.”

But really ??? 

How does that even matter ? How does time even matter ? 

What matters is the time required to gather that COURAGE to come up to someone and make a confession.

What matters is that the person, no matter how many months or days or years they took, they still stood up on the podium and confessed the truth.

Truth is like Mountain Dew, you can’t drink it up all at once. You’ve to take sips. 

But people want truth to be told like Tequila Shots – All in one go !!! 

How’s that even necessary ? What’s necessary is the truth to be told, the feelings to be confessed, the emotions to be expressed and the COURAGE to be gathered. 

Do you ever mix beer with water to neutralise it’s taste ? No one on Earth does that… but people often mix Whiskey with water or soda to reduce the bitterness. 

Similarly, Truth manipulated is always pleasing, but mind it “Truth is never pleasing.”

It’s the most hurtful, most agonising and most destructive.

But still TRUTH anyway..!!!

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