Two broken Limbs

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Limbs are basically a set of two body parts like legs or hands which if work efficiently and coherently, then the normal functioning of the body is possible. 

Even if one of those limbs are impaired, then the entire body becomes impaired and displays non coherence of the bodily movements. 

Similarly, there are two limbs of the society also on which the pillars of society are laid. If one of them works shakily, then there are chances that the whole society might come down.

These two pillars or limbs of the society : RELIGION and POLITICS.

I may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve felt over the period and read in history all around the world. 

Either it’s a political conflict or a religious conflict that initiates disharmony between two pieces of land and society comes down as a whole.

Religion is not GOD-MADE, rather it is a man-made tool made by using God’s name in whichever manner one wants to. Some say it’s against our religion and on the contrary , another bunch of people say it’s valid in ours. 

So no matter where you go in this world, if there is a society, there is Religion in it and you can’t dare go against it’s rules. Many movies have been made on this topic. But we can’t say if it’s right or wrong, but we can’t say that it’s not true.

Talking about the second limb : POLITICS.

Now politics is good if the policies are made in a favour of the people by a nation. But if any war or conflict is initiated on the basis of Politics, then who can be benefitted from that ? 

Because we’ve seen many “political warriors” coming down from power. There is always a person stronger than you who can chop you off in the name of Politics and National Safety. But is it really for the sake of national safety? 

If yes, then I’ll have huge respect for Politics, but if it’s not, and if it’s only benefitting certain people to gain power and money, then it’s for the worst. 

These two limbs or say, pillars cannot be eradicated. They can’t work coherently also. We’ve seen this , we’ve all seen this all these years. 

Civilisation means making a fully-functional society. And this civilisation has been standing in these two pillars nowadays. 

Tribes or tribal people, how much educated are they ? Still, they follow certain protocols related to superstition and religious affairs. 

So no matter how much you try, if you live in this society, you’ve to hold these limbs together so as to make a coherently working civilisation. 

Otherwise, we’re no better than animals fighting for more food and chasing each other for a good catch. 

Think about it !!!

4 thoughts on “Two broken Limbs

  1. Excellent thought regarding politics religion if done with true spirit than it’s ok else…….big explosion. Regards, Mufaddal Motagamwala ( Udaipurwala) Mumbai/ Udaipur.


    1. That depends on readers perceptions Sir ! I just share my experience and my opinion. I write that in every blog “according to me” or “in my opinion” just to avoid controversy and conflicts.
      Thanks a lot though ♥️


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