The Art of Being Silent.

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“Don’t speak about sex. It doesn’t suit you.”

“Don’t raise your voice in front of in-laws and elders , it doesn’t leave a good impression.”

“Don’t talk about religion, it makes God angry.”

“Don’t say you’re an atheist, what will society think of you?”

“Don’t wear short clothes outside, people will have their eyes on you.”

“Why have you applied so much makeup ? Do you come to work here or to be an eye-candy?”

“Don’t stay out late at night.”

“Don’t come home with BOYS, what will neighbors think of us?”

“You didn’t score well despite being in such a good school, what’s the outcome of paying so much for you then ?”

“You take alcohol? And you smoke too ??? Do your parents know ? What if they come to know you have a boyfriend?”

I’m sorry, but if I keep putting up questions, there will just be questions in my article. 

Funny !!!!! More questions than answers. 

Because “Silence is the Key.”

I want to know, very desperately, who on Earth created this ultimate solution for every issue “Be silent, don’t talk about it.”

Why the hell should one be silent if they have an issue ? 

Got abused by your husband ? – Stay Silent.

Want to learn about sex before marriage ? – How dare you, stay silent.

Why don’t we get ANSWERS ? Because you DONT NEED THEM. Shhhhhh !!!!!!!

In my opinion, “ANSWERS” should be the key, not “SILENCE.”

I agree that sometimes, remaining silent is okay and i agree that in front of stupid and illogical people, we must practice Silence only, but what about when you’re suffering from an issue which, according to the society, need not be discussed?

Is it the society or the people who decide that. Obviously the Society, what there to even think about ? Society is our Ruler.

In most cultures, women are still victims of Oppression and Domestic Violence, but please don’t utter a single word about it and stay silent otherwise your image will get spoiled. And what about the family name ??? 

Please ladies, learn to remain Silent. 

Because who knows who all will be destroyed when you raise your voice against them ? Or when you start demanding answers ?

So please, learn to REMAIN SILENT. 


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