A little extra Attention Required !!!

PC- google.con

“A 6-yr old girl Raped”

“Nirbhaya abducted,raped and brutally murdered”

“A 5-yr old abducted and raped by her neighbor.”

These are all updates from news last year before THE GREAT COVID-19 took over all the news channels. 

Have rapes and molestations stopped happening now ? 

Has Human Trafficking brought under control now ??? 

Have any women-favouring laws passed and are being acted upon now ? 


Where has all this news disappeared suddenly? 

Where is the “feminism-wave” now ??? 

Has COVID taken over all this ? 

Even when COVID ends, will all this end ? 

Will COVID-FEAR put an end to all these anti-human activities ? 

Will the Human-Devil be at peace now ? 


Then why have we stopped talking about this all of a sudden ? 

Have we started to get over all this already ? 

The reason I’ve been asking these questions is, molestations,rapes,trafficking, forced prostitution all these are the human-invented diseases still prevailing in the society.

But we need to curb these right ? 

What steps are we taking to curb these ? 

See, I am aware that the world is under crisis, there are no jobs, no money, hundreds of refugees and even no food at many places. 

But I also support the fact that these atrocities should also be curbed. Especially in a country where Women are taken as Goddesses and worshipped, it’s morally and ethically wrong to just use and objectify women in modelling campaigns and beauty pageants.

Women are much more than just slim thighs, fair complexion and shaved genitals. 

Think about it !!!

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