Copyright of Colours !

PC –

How many of us don’t love colours ?

We all have some favourite colours, right ? 

And we all know that all the colours in this universe signify something…but our favouritism does not depend on their meanings or symbolisations, we just love them !

But lately, I have been feeling that the meaning of colours have changed over the time. 

Somewhere, we have given religious or moral connotations to a few colours. 

Like Green, signifying the beauty of nature and harmony, but nowadays, Green has also become a sign of “Islamic Community.”

Similarly, Pink is the colour signifying sweetness and charm, but nowadays, we have associated Pink with “Feminism”.

Red, signifying love and romance, has become a symbol of “Violence”.

Orange, throwing out vibrations of joy and creativity, is now the flag of “Hindu Community.”

Black, signifying power and authority has also simultaneously achieved its symbolism as of a “Rebel.”

So, basically, there are so many colours and so many meanings and values of these colours.

If we go in depth, one can find the relation of each colour with some or the other Religious or Moral connotation. 

The question coming in my mind is, why have we dragged innocent colours into all this ?

Why couldn’t we keep colours out of this ? Were symbols not well-enough for the significance of agendas that we had to drag colours also ? 

I mean, it’s not that big of a deal, I know that, but I feel that somewhere or the other, colours have created a divide between people and religions. They have lost their true essence and meaning.

We could easily raise a green flag on a Temple or an Orange flag on a Mosque ! How would that matter ? What difference would it make ? 

But we chose and bought a patent on colours. 

Even White colour, which signifies Peace has been spoiled and believed to be a colour of sorrow in one community and of happiness in another !!! I mean the purest of all colours, the virgin colour, even that has lost its meaning. 

PC –

The thinkable subject here is not Colour, but the meanings that we have put behind those colours.

We have literally created a “Colour-Divide”.

And then, we oppose Racism !!! I mean Racism is just about blacks v/s whites, but then what you’ve got to say about the other colours ? 

Black v/s White !

Green v/s Orange !

White v/s White !

Blue v/s Pink ! 

LOL !!! Really !!! Think about it…!

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