Kill the pest !

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What do you do when there’s a cockroach in your kitchen ?

Or a pest in your house ? 

You get rid of it.

And what do you do when your thoughts or your feelings are killing you ? 

How do you get rid of something that is in your head ? 

You must get rid of that too ! 

Negative thoughts or feelings like fear, envy, hatred are just like pests that you need to kill.

Angry at someone ? 

Tell them and get rid of it.

Fear of water ?

Maybe jump into a pool or something.

Jealous of someone ? 

Try and be better than them.

These are the only ways you can do pest-control in your brain. 

We say that Brain controls us… and what do we fill in our brains ?  That’s totally in our control. 

Don’t let your brain be filled with Filth.

Get away from filth, wash yourself inside out. 

Shout, abuse, punch a bag do anything that takes you away from this FILTH.

Gain power and control over the Filth in your brain before it starts consuming you. 

Don’t let any FILTHY THOUGHT be stronger than your own conduct.

This time, don’t think about it. 

Do it.

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