The Misguided

PC – Netflix

This video clip is taken from a netflix movie I was watching the other day. When I looked at this person aiming the rifle in darkness, not knowing where to fire the bullet, I captured this video. 

My husband asked me, “What’s this for ?” 

I answered, “Something that has been going on in my mind for so many days. I found the perfect way to express it.” 

He probably didn’t understand, but he understood that something was going on in my mind. So, today I’m going to share with you, what is that thing, behaving like a bug, which is constantly buzzing in my ears. 

When I first saw this video, I thought about many people who can be connected with this clip. Like “the so-called Jihadis” who are misguided, directionless and just fire in the dark at innocent people without any aim or motive. How misguided or brainwashed they must be !!!

Secondly, I thought of a frustrated man. A normal simple man frustrated with the ongoing crisis in the country. India is a country with a flock of teeming hungry and unemployed people who have no clue if they are going to have dinner or not. We don’t see them here, we just hear the news about them and remorse over their conditions. That’s all we do. Kudos !!! 

Thirdly, I thought of totally clueless and aimless Indian Media. They have either been bought, tampered or blackmailed. We saw it in a recent series also. A real talented and handsome actor commits suicide. And quite a few people attend his funeral. Because everyone is busy tweeting. Please don’t do this favour to him ! He doesn’t need that. In his afterlife, he’s in a far better place than here. So please save your tears. 

Fourthly, I thought of the Indian Population. How misguided and confused are we !!! We are so confused that we do not even know if we need Obama or Trump ! LOL !!! We have no opposition to look forward to. We have no option other than one political party. Then when it is elected, we expect them to fulfil our needs. They obviously don’t do that. Then in a crisis like this, we have real heroes coming up for help and we praise them. But our government rests peacefully because it knows that someone out there will definitely come and help. 

And in times of elections, we again vote for morons. So how confused and stupid are we ! 

Wandering into darkness, aiming into darkness and trying to figure who to blame for our misery.

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