Open Fields

P.C. – pexels

This is our world. It belongs to all of us equally without any discrimination. We can’t and shouldn’t be occupying each other’s lands. Rather, we should eliminate the boundaries and be closer to each other. But is this really happening ??? 


Infact, what we are doing is the exact opposite. When the world was created, it had no divisions between Muslims and Christians or between the blacks and whites or between the rich and the poor. 

But we have successfully managed to make boundaries. Boundaries which not just divide our lands, but also separates us. 

The Blacks are separated from the Whites.

There is a wide gap between the Rich and the Poor (which can’t be filled up now).

There is a wide gap between a struggler and the successful. 

Sushant committed suicide. But it was a murder. Because he was struggling to make his place in the Bollywood Industry but he fell prey to those who are very Powerful and Successful . 

Being among people who don’t accept you is the worst mental pressure one has to go through with. Now, when he’s no more, people are talking about his sad demise. Why now ? Where were you all when this was happening ? Why didn’t you support him then ! 

It is almost impossible to believe that no one in the industry noticed him. But they chose to ignore him always. 

We are talking about how China entered into Indian land. And how both of them are retaliating towards each other !!! 

But who said it’s your land ? It’s God’s creation. He placed you were you could bloom. But you keep begging for more. First, there was Pakistan, now it’s China. Why cant you leave India ? 

These types of gaps, created by “US” will become the cause of our ultimate Doom !!! 

Think about it..!!!

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