Unboxing the Past !

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People say what happened in the past should be forgiven and forgotten. 

But can we really forgive and forget ? We don’t, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Because forgetting the past means you will not learn anything from it in your future endeavours. And forgiving the past means that somewhere, you settled for agreement to what happened. 

I personally can never do that. 

Although, yes there is a mental blockage which might stay in my mind forever, but still I can’t forgive and forget. 

I kind of like packed up all those emotions, all those feelings, all that love in a box and locked it. And I am not willing to open that box ever again. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about that. 

NO, I HAVEN’T. And I will not FORGIVE. I might cry for hours and hours, but I’ve learnt to live it. Sometimes, it still breaks my heart… but it doesn’t seem like I’m forgiving anyone for anything that they might have done to me. Yes, I’ve learnt to live with them. But it doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven them.


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