Touching Hearts !

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What does it take to get absorbed in someone’s heart ? 

Sometimes you can do everything, but you just won’t get into a person’s heart. What he really feels about you, how is he going to be with you, if he is even going to be with you or not…sometimes, you just can’t say…!

No one can tell anything about anyone really in today’s world. 

I feel, somewhere, being women, we have literally poured our hearts out to men. We have wrapped it up in nice paper, cut and taped properly and presented it as a gift to men. 

And men, they have just kept this present with all the other presents they’ve received so far…just to open when the right time comes. And till then, our hearts just belong to them. Wrapped, stored in cold and kept for future use.

Sometimes, when I sleep, I sing myself a lullaby so that my heart far far away can hear it and stop crying… 

Don’t cry my little heart

Things will come back 

Don’t cry my baby,

You will be praised…

Sometimes, the person you love the most comes to that storage, rips your heart open and when you finally think that you’ll be loved, he says, “It’s too late now… I’ve got a better heart as a present.”

And so he breaks it…he just breaks it !

My poor little heart, how many more years will it take you to finally understand that you’re just meant to be broken when the right time comes….. 

My poor little heart, broken, taped back together. 

Again to lose, again to be broken 

Again to love and again to be forgotten…!!!

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