The Trinity

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This love triangle between loneliness, emptiness and regret is a very beautiful shape which exists in every human mind. 

Whether you agree or not, but it does.

I am today going to narrate a story of these three lovers.

One day, loneliness was sitting alone at a beach. Emptiness came from behind, and surprised Loneliness. Loneliness held its hands and made Emptiness sit next to it. Both were engaged with each other… they saw the waves and promised never to part from each other. 

Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind. Both Loneliness and Emptiness were amazed and they looked at each other. There was a dark yet visible area where they found another entity looking at them. When they went near, they found Regret. 

Loneliness extended hands towards Regret and Regret stood up and hugged him. Within no time, all 3 of them – Loneliness, Emptiness and Regret became the best of friends and they were inseparable. Nothing in this world could separate these three lovers. Wherever they went, they went together. Each one accompanied the other one and Loneliness was no longer lonely, emptiness was no longer empty and Regret was not alone either. They promised each other that they will always come and go together with each other.

Regret took a vow, it promised that wherever it’ll go, it’ll take Loneliness and Emptiness with it. And it fulfilled it’s vow. Similarly, Loneliness and Emptiness took their vows. Now these vows exist today and will exist till the end of time.

5 thoughts on “The Trinity

  1. Hey Samina……beautifully expressed through magical story but you please write the next blog on how to get rid of these three inseparable friends❤️


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