How do we define a blessing ? Sometimes, blessings do come, but we aren’t able to comprehend them totally. Because our eyes expect materialistic blessings.

If we win a lottery, we feel we’re blessed. But if we don’t, we feel “God didn’t bless us this time.”

But it’s not that. Even that’s a blessing. How ? Because God is standing right behind you and asking you to try harder. Try harder in your work, not in your luck.

He will reward you if you work hard. Because he has eyes on each one of us. Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in him or you don’t think of him even once in a day, he’s still watching all of us and blessing us in ways unknown to humans.

In these times of pandemic and world crisis, if you are eating well, living well and are able to sleep in a cozy clean bed – YOU ARE BLESSED.

Similarly, a blessing came into my life. I worked really hard and I finally was blessed with someone who appreciated it to the fullest extent.

Mr. Anuj Agrawal, the founder of http://www.blog.feedspot.com recently listed my blog – www.mywordsofcourage in the Top 100 Most Influential Women Bloggers in the world.

I didn’t even expect this to happen, but I guess he was sent to me as a blessing to appreciate my effort.

And this is not just my achievement. It’s an achievement for my friend Chandan Purohit who supported me throughout and brought me on this level. It’s the love of all my readers who have liked my writeups.

I would heartily like to thank the Almighty, my family and friends and https://blog.feedspot.com/women_blogs/ for blessing me with this ranking.

Thanks a lot. Keep believing in God and yourselves and spreading love.

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