Independence is not just a day to be celebrated once a year. Independence Day is about acknowledging the glory of our great nation. Nowadays, situations are a bit turbulent, but that does not mean that India has never been great. The path that we are on today, will definitely lead us towards a better tomorrow. But all these dreams will come true only when we, as Indians hold our hands together against our enemies. But are we really doing that? NO. Instead, we are raising our hands against each other every single day. 

Then we talk about economic development and growth? How is the government supposed to focus on growth and development when there are people fighting amongst each other within the country?

Have we ever thought about the nation once? NO. Because we are all busy fighting and quarreling over religious matters. After so many years of independence, we are still slaves. We are slaves of our own petty issues. We are slaves of religion and people who misguide us in the name of religion. 

Make a ‘Hindu-nation’ 

This is not a ‘Muslim-supporting nation.’

‘Muslims are not safe in India.’ etc. etc. etc. 

Do we think beyond that? 

We have developed a habit of blaming every government which is in power. We are never faithful or supportive towards any government. We are a bunch of unsatisfied people who just keep on blaming the government for everything that goes wrong within the country. 

Not once have we ourselves thought about changing something. Because we expect all others to change. We want to remain the same – Typically Indians. 

Here are a few images which might remind all of us today that how great our nation was and how great it can become again. 

Remember them ? Remember what India has achieved. Don’t just focus on what India is lacking behind in. Now let us give a glance on the discoveries India has made. 

Remember them? Let me remind you – The first image is of the great mathematician Aryabhatta who invented Zero and Pi. Second is C.V. Raman – Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry. Next is Sushruta – who conducted the first surgical operation in the world successfully. 

If we google it, there are thousands of other Indians who have achieved great heights in almost all the fields – sports, politics, science, militia and much more. 

But until and unless we as Indians realize the worth of our nation and strive to make it better, nothing is going to happen and all these past achievements don’t even matter. Half of the readers don’t even know who they were. 

Our minds are totally controlled by the paid media nowadays. The news channels are all about – “Modiji is building a Hindu-nation.”

“Muslims should leave India.”

“This is a hindu country.”

I say just rise above cows and pigs and think about the bigger picture. The country is dying at the hands of its own citizens. The people who can build the country are destroying it for their own benefits. 

Many rich and able citizens are seeking to move abroad because obviously, India is no better for them and their ‘standards’. They want to live in clean countries with broad roads and picturesque scenery around and want to earn in pounds and dollars, but do not want to donate for cleaning up of the slums. Because that is of course what the government should do. Why should we contribute ?

I sy, we have no right of blaming the government or the authorities for anything if we ourselves are incapable of doing anything for the country. It is not just the government who runs the country, it is an equal responsibility of the citizens as well. 

So, as long as we are mentally independent of these mental blockages, India won’t be fully independent. 

This Independence Day, think about the nation.

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