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We are all well aware of the movie Titanic. There is a famous line in the movie – “You jump,I jump.”

But if Titanic was made in 2020, the line would be “You jump,what can I do?” LOL.

People nowadays believe that if a person is depressed or in a bad mood, and is having suicidal tendencies, then probably we should stay away from them. Who knows who might be blamed if they do something !!!

They are least concerned about the emotional trauma the person is going through, all they care about is their names being clear and spotless. 

But I believe, no one is really spotless. The World is a bitchy shithole and whatever you do here, comes back to you. It may come back later, but it does. And when it does, it’s a tsunami wave. 

I think all of us have become so practical and emotionless, that we have failed as humans. We don’t care about anyone’s emotions or feelings or anything else. All we care about is our lives being sorted. All we care about is our mental peace. It’s right, mental peace is important, but at what cost ? You can’t get mental peace by stealing someone else’s. There is a fine line between being practical and being a total jerk. People have forgotten that. 

People will just come and tell you that they are with you, but actually, they are behind you to push you into a darker phase. They make you feel guilty for being happy, they make you feel guilty for thinking about yourself, for not trying hard until death, for speaking up for yourself and when nothing works, they say “You’re not worth living with. You are stealing my mental peace. I’d rather be alone than be with you. I think we should separate.” 

And when you agree to that, even then they have a problem because you didn’t beg enough !!!

But in my opinion, NEVER BEG. Please don’t beg to be in a place you don’t belong. It’ll be hard and difficult to restart, but come on, there is no Jack in reality. So don’t be a Rose.

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