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Speak ! Woman.

We often hear stories and incidents of women being oppressed and subordinated by their husbands. Or women being mistreated by her in laws and her husband. May be many of us are still facing that. And as a woman, I know that all we want is for our husbands to support us if someone says… Continue reading Speak ! Woman.

Reality Check !

Reality is defined in many ways by many people. But according to my definition, reality is nothing but just your mental makeup about accepting what is going on in your life right now at this moment. I, sometimes, tend to turn away from that ‘reality’. I’m sure many of us try to do that. We… Continue reading Reality Check !

Stop it right now, Enough!

We live in a society where if you do what everyone wants out of you, then you are perfect material.  ससुराल में इस तरह बात नहीं करते  पति से ज़ुबान नहीं चलाते सास और ननद से डर के रहो बर्दाश्त करने की ताक़त रखो Adjust करना सीखो  धीरे धीरे सब सही हो जाएगा  सास को… Continue reading Stop it right now, Enough!

Unboxing the Past !

People say what happened in the past should be forgiven and forgotten.  But can we really forgive and forget ? We don’t, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Because forgetting the past means you will not learn anything from it in your future endeavours. And forgiving the past means that somewhere, you settled for agreement to… Continue reading Unboxing the Past !

Dreams in the Mirror !

Dear Dream, You come to me even when I am not asleep. People say it’s a day-dream, but I believe it’s just a dream. I see the same palm trees swaying on a deserted beach, the sand flowing through my fingers, my waves playing hide and seek with my feet. I count to 5 –… Continue reading Dreams in the Mirror !


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