Until you are Mine.

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“Until you are mine” – Now this statement has multiple meanings. It depends on how the statement is being said and how it is being heard. 

For some, this statement might have a romantic connotation as the lover says to his beloved that he will not stop trying to woo her until she becomes his in totality and the two hearts meet. And for others, it might have an egotistical connotation that the lover will not leave his beloved and keep trying to woo her until she submits to him. 

I say, in both the cases, it depends on how the statement is being said and how it is being taken. 

The only way to find out is to contemplate.

To contemplate the statement before reacting to it. One should first think what the person is saying, what impression it is creating and what will be the aftermath if the reaction which is being given. 

In my opinion, when such a diplomatic statement is being used by any person, the other one should first try to understand the complete in and out meaning of it before submitting to the statement. 

For ex., if your lover comes and says that, “I’ll not leave you.” Then, this statement should be thought upon before being too happy or too annoyed about it. 

Maybe the lover means that he will not leave her side, even when the clouds turn black. Or maybe the person means that, “Oh no baby, I’m not letting you go to anyone else.” 

Now the second one is a problematic one but the first one is a supportive one.

The reason why I’m writing this article today is that many people nowadays tend to misinterpret the meaning of the words spoken. They presume their own meanings and connotations and things become worse. 

So, in my opinion, one should always understand what is being said, how it is being said and then react to it accordingly.

This is just in accordance with the title of my article today. Some might’ve thought it’s going to be about something romantic ! 

But surprise !!!!!!!!!! It’s not even remotely connected to romance.



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I wonder what the next generation will be like ? 

I mean the millennials were still obedient and graceful… but our kids won’t be like that ! Will they be ? 

I think our children will be far more speedy than us. I mean they won’t even ask us before doing anything like we used to. And I feel there is nothing wrong with that… that’s my opinion because I think people don’t grow with generations. That’s why we have issues with our parents that we also sometimes feel like they don’t understand us, they don’t need us, they don’t let us do our things freely, we’ve to hide and do stuff.

But if we learn to grow on and accept this fact from today onwards itself, then we’ll be having lesser issues with our future children. I mean if we create a comfortable environment, then there won’t be a need of hiding and doing things. They won’t become rebellious and they won’t disobey us and we won’t need to disown them or cry over their actions. 

We, unlike our parents, have to be more open in our thinking and allow many things which our parents disapproved of us for.

The generation is growing younger day by day with a shuttle speed and so are the people. I think it’s time we should also stop behaving dominantly and expecting “magical children” because not every family can have an Albert Einstein neither a family can have Marilyn Monroe. So if become normal parents, then our children will be normal too… so, at least I know that I’m not going levy the burdens of my unfulfilled dreams on my child.

Think about it…!!!