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God and Satan.

Has anyone of you ever stuck between the existence of God and Satan ? Well, they exist. And they exist parallely. Where there is God, there is Satan and vice versa. But do we believe that ?  We believe that where there is God, there can be no Lucifer…and where is Satan, God is not… Continue reading God and Satan.

The Masks Come off ..!!!

The Faces Unfold. There are a lot of people in this world who claim to be someone but turn out to be the exact opposite of it.  Like a Dr claiming to be the master of medicine, is actually worse than nurses as he doesn’t treat his patients without money. Similarly, a scholar who is… Continue reading The Masks Come off ..!!!

One Day…

Depression Redefined. Sometimes, you just cannot define Depression. It is almost impossible to redefine it. Still, I am making an effort to define my pains of depression along with understanding other’s pains as well. An extremely talented artist is the greatest loss we have had in 2020. How much was he suffering? And why was… Continue reading One Day…

My Black-Hooded Partner.

My Dear Eleanor Craine. Eleanor Craine is a fictional character from a Netflix series – Haunting of the Hill House. I recently watched this series, didn’t yet complete it, but I don’t know why I feel a kind of connection with her already. The same kind of connection I had with Nairobi from Money Heist.… Continue reading My Black-Hooded Partner.

Open Fields

This is our world. It belongs to all of us equally without any discrimination. We can’t and shouldn’t be occupying each other’s lands. Rather, we should eliminate the boundaries and be closer to each other. But is this really happening ???  NO. Infact, what we are doing is the exact opposite. When the world was… Continue reading Open Fields

The Misguided

This video clip is taken from a netflix movie I was watching the other day. When I looked at this person aiming the rifle in darkness, not knowing where to fire the bullet, I captured this video.  My husband asked me, “What’s this for ?”  I answered, “Something that has been going on in my… Continue reading The Misguided


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